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For the Greens, the Christian family behind the Hobby Lobby chain of stores, their battle with the Obama administration was never really about contraception. It was about abortion.After all, the evangelical Greens don’t object to 16 of the 20 contraceptive measures mandated for employer coverage by the Affordable Care Act. That puts the family squarely in line with other evangelicals, who largely support the use of birth control by married couples.Like other evangelicals, however,Ugg en promo the Greens believe that four forms of contraception mandated under the ACA – Plan B, Ella and two intrauterine devices – in fact cause abortions by preventing a fertilized embryo from implanting in the womb. (The Obama administration and several major medical groups disagree that such treatments are abortions .)“We won’t pay for any abortive products, » Steve Green, Hobby Lobby’s president, told Religion News Service. « We believe life begins at conception.”

President Barack Obama says that « around the world, freedom of religion is under threat. »And at the annual National Prayer Breakfast Thursday, the President also said he’s looking forward to meeting Pope Francis. »I’m especially looking forward to returning to the Vatican next month to meet his holiness,Ugg en promo Pope Francis, whose message about caring for the least of these I hope all of us heed. Like (the Apostle) Matthew he has answered the call of Jesus, who said ‘follow me’ and he inspires us with his words and deeds, his humility and his mercy and his missionary impulses to serve the cause of social justice, » Obama said.

The President touted the Pope’s stance on inequality as he and congressional Democrats highlight the issue of income inequality. Obama met Francis’ predecessor, Benedict XVI, in 2009. That meeting, which took place at the Vatican, was Obama’s only meeting with a Pope.Ugg en promo Much of Obama’s remarks focused on threats to religious freedom abroad, from China to Egypt to Sudan and Burma.President Barack Obama plans to soon meet with Pope Francis for the first time.Secretary of State John Kerry said the President was “looking forward” to visiting the popular new leader of the Roman Catholic Church at the Vatican.Kerry did not say when the trip would take place.The White House said it had no specific travel announcements to make, but that Obama “very much looks forward to meeting Pope Francis at some point in the near future.”Kerry, a Roman Catholic, met with Vatican leaders on Tuesday to discuss foreign policy and economic issues, including Francis’ outspoken stance on income inequality worldwide.