Ugg fabrication

Simple enough instructions here folks. Recent research* has shown women are more likely to sleep with you if you roll your pants up like so and do not wear socks. Of course one must have the ankles for it, and again this look cannot be pulled off by everyone but hey you asked to get laid, you need to know these things.Let’s talk about that paisley shirt you have and how it should definitely be a tie or socks instead. Hate to break it to you, but paisley should be worn to accent an outfit, not as an outfit. A whole lot of paisley means a whole lot of no sex. Check the facts.It’s very much like goldilocks, not too cold, not too hot (okay yeah it should be hot),Ugg fabrication it’s just right. As in a medium length skirt. Remember that line I keep talking about? If the skirt borderlines too short than we risk some totally trashy territory, however if it’s too long, you may be a fashion queen without a king of course. Get it right and you’ll thank me at the end of the night.

Rocking a romper can draw attention to yourself in the best way. Ugg fabrication Similar to the sexy boots, romper’s are the life of the party. Dress them down or up, they can be worn anyway you like and still be considered sexy and stylin’.This one isn’t just for the ladies, Ugg fabrication men and women alike need to start wearing more camo if they’re taking seduction seriously. I’m not suggesting you overindulge because we all know that would be tacky. I am however suggesting you buy a pair a camo pants, and by pants I mean shorts. Sexy.Strathmore is a lovely little town east of Calgary that is just full of surprises. Being known for supposedly being the « drug capital of Alberta » and most likely the cow manure capital of Alberta, Strathmore is a really unique small town and possesses many distinct qualities that anyone who grew up there understands.

The interesting thing about Strathmore is that for the longest time this town seemed like a ghost town. This is where the cow-tipping really might have been the most entertaining activity in the town. We all know a town without anything as basic as a McDonald’s or a Wal-Mart lacks proper civilization. Ugg fabrication But don’t worry Stratty, over the years you’ve grown and really outdone yourself, but let’s reminisce the days before your town-wide « glo up. »Here are a few signs you grew up in the lovely farm town called Strathmore. Again, I’d like to mention if you’re still enduring this… it gets better, I promise.