Ugg femme noir

Fashion is a fine line. It’s a line that may or may not differentiate whether you’re going to get lucky tonight. The right pair of sunglasses and boots can wage wars. There is no denying the fashion that flaunts itself on Toronto streets is subjected to the scrutinous eyes of lusty onlookers.One must prepare thyself.Ugg femme noir You can’t just throw on a pair of jeans and a semi-off white tee and expect sex. No no no. You’ve got it all wrong Toronto. How about some carefully coiffed hair and scarfs that run for miles? Or more realistically some sexy stubble and skinny jeans.If you’re going through a dry spell maybe it’s time you stopped blaming other people and started buying new boots.

Men listen up. These boots are the only boots. In fact, if you’re wearing these boots you don’t need to pay any attention to anything else you are wearing. They are enough. The life of the party. Worn well with a scotch or even a PBR. These boots are all things to all men.Not to be confused with the latter,Ugg femme noir these boots are a dead zone. Wear them to repel even the lascivious of ladies. Albeit they might be trendy, they certainly lack in sex appeal. Remember when I said fashion was a fine line? Well these boots are in no man’s land camping out by themselves with no fan club.

Said no one ever. Who are you? Justin Timberlake? Get that fucking fedora off your head. It’s a well known fact fedora’s can only be pulled off by the richest most famous classiest men. Are you rich and famous? No. Like I said, take that fedora off your head. Especially if you want to have some sex tonight.Who doesn’t love of a pair of high waisted skinny jeans? And hey there’s no denying we all feel super hot and fashionable when we wear them. Although we mustn’t overlook the fact they should be all parts tight and all parts skinny, if we’re really really looking to turn heads of the horny kind. A cousin of the desert boot when worn on the terribly baggy side,Ugg femme noir these pants risk being too fashionable and less sexy. Wear them wisely. This is science people.