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If a believer is bitten by a snake and dies, these Pentecostals reason, it is simply their time to go.“It devastated me,” one Tennessee serpent handler confided to me about Wolford’s death last week. “It just shook my very foundation. But (handling snakes) is still the Word of God.”Vicie Haywood, Wolford’s mother – whose husband died 29 years ago from a rattlesnake bite during a worship service – is heartbroken. But she has no doubts about the righteousness of serpent handling. “It’s still the Word, and I want to go on doing what the Word says,” she told the Washington Post on Wednesday.Last fall I asked Wolford if handling serpents wasn’t tempting God, a common question from mainstream Christians.“Tempting God is disbelief in God, not belief in Him,” he said, citing an incident in the Old Testament in which Moses slapped his staff against a rock to provide water in the desert rather than speak to the rock as God had commanded.

By using his own resources – a stick – rather than counting on God to act when Moses simply spoke to the rock, the patriarch was condemned for lack of belief and forbidden to enter the Promised Land.He added that he regularly drinks strychnine during worship services, to show God has power over poison.“In my life I’ve probably drunk two gallons of it,” Wolford said. “Once you drink it, there is no turning back. All your muscles contract at once. Your body starts stiffening out. Your lungs; it’s like you can’t breathe.”He’d gotten sick from strychnine a handful of times. “I was up all night struggling to breathe and move my muscles and repeating Bible verses that say you can ‘drink any deadly thing and it won’t hurt you,’ ” Wolford told me, recounting one episode. He said a voice in his head taunted him as he struggled to recover.“The devil said, ‘You’re going to die, you’re going to die,’ ” he said. “You can’t go to the hospital. There is not a lot they can do. But (seeking medical help) means you’re already starting to lose faith.”

After he was bitten last Sunday, Wolford may have thought his faith would bring him through that trauma, as it had so many times before. He had four spots on his right hand from where copperheads had bitten him.When he finally gave his family permission to call paramedics, about eight hours after being bitten, he must have known his battle was near over. By the time he arrived at the local hospital in Bluefield, he was dead.Alors que les noms de Cate Blanchett et Sandra Bullock avaient déjà été annoncé, le casting du film événement Ocean’s 8 s’enrichit de nouvelles actrices. C’est le site Deadline qui a levé le voile hier, 10 août, sur les personnalités qu’on retrouvera dans ce reboot 100% féminin du film Ocean’s Eleven dans lequel on avait pu voir Brad Pitt, George Clooney ou encore Matt Damon en voleurs de casinos. Dans ce film événement, on découvrira donc (aux côtés de Cate Blanchett et Sandra Bullock) des noms connus comme Rihanna, Anne Hathaway et Helena Bonham Carter.Toutefois, deux personnalités sont moins connues du grand public, à commencer par Mindy Kaling, actrice scénariste et productrice américaine d’origine indienne, notamment connue pour la série comique The Mindy Projet. Ocean’s 8 accueillera aussi Awkwafina, de son vrai nom Nora Lum, rappeuse et jeune actrice. Seul le nom d’une actrice est encore tenu secret.